20 September - 18 October 2020

This is an exhibition celebrating and exploring differing aspects of our Scottish Islands and how much we appreciate such a source of endless beauty and freedom on our doorstep

Featuring Caroline Bailey, Marion Thomson, Helena Emmans, Naomi Rae, Sandra Moffat, Joyce Gunn Cairns, Nicole Stevenson, Marsha Burke, Karen MacWhinnie and Rob Walker
'In the light of recent months, my love for our beautiful Scottish islands and the feelings of freedom they inspire in me has intensified, as well as the intrigue and appreciation I have for them. The wildlife, the beaches, the people, and the distinctive natural beauty that the weather can transform in mere moments. This exhibition is a celebration of our islands, how they make us feel as individuals and what they bring to us. Each person responds differently to their surroundings and each artist interprets and expresses differently, but what is clear is the great love that we share for
our beautiful Scottish isles.'

Natalie Harrison Chinn

Any work can be paid for over 6 months, interest free

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