18 November 2018 - 13 January 2019

An exciting exhibition of works by all of our gallery favourites including Alison McWhirter, Gordon Wilson, Joyce Gunn Cairns, David M Martin (1922-2018), Susan Hutchison, Tracy Butler, Patricia Sadler, Helen Tabor, David Smith RSW, Hanna Kaciniel, Alma Wolfson, Rosanne Barr, Jenny Matthews, Sandy Murphy RGI PAI, Lynn Lindsay, Margaretann Bennett, Hayley Banks, Gillian Henshaw, Carol Dewart PAI RSW, Nikki D'Aguilar, Vanessa Lawrence and many more

Introducing to the gallery Henry Jabbour, Iona Leishman and Marsha Burke

Ceramics by Anne Morrison, Ludmilla Kosmina and Anna Whitehouse

Jewellery by Sarah Anderson, Ruth Swan and Carol Docherty

Sculpture by Barbara Franc

We are child and dog friendly

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