5 September - 9 October 2021

A brand new collection by one of Scotland's most highly esteemed painters

Sandy Murphy graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1980. He was tutored by greats such as Duncan Shanks, Jimmy Robertson and others who influenced him, but his ability is not learned, he has an instinctive and powerful talent in artistic expression. This is evident in each of his paintings.

Sandy is passionate about painting. It flows through his veins and it is his daily practice. In his studio you would observe a myriad of sketchbooks, studies and several paintings at different stages. He works in various media but it is paint that dominates. One side of the palette is adorned with towers of paint, exquisite pillars of pigment. He works from his sketchbooks, transforming his observations into marks, colours, tone and texture; experimenting, scraping way and building up again.

His handling of paint shows sensitivity and subtlety and the result is a painting of great depth and mystery.

We are delighted to be presenting our fifth solo exhibition with Sandy Murphy. And he only gets better. His still life painting is an exploratory journey in paint and composition. His landscape paintings embody his admiration of our natural surroundings and he captures the impossible - the neverending and ever-changing colour and tone, light and shade of our beautiful Scottish landscape.

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