Maggie Robinson SWA MAFA - A Scottish Symphony
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8 June - 28 June 2024

'It was soon after my ‘Music of the Landscape’ exhibition held at Smithy Gallery in 2022 that the title ‘A Scottish Symphony’ came to me. I loved the idea of producing an exhibition of works that would create a complete artistic symphony rich in rhythm, melody and harmony, symbolic of a full orchestra in concert, making its music once again in this lovely gallery.

One of the most inspiring factors in trying to create an artistic symphony has been based on the fact that the musical symphony consists of four different movements that all somehow relate to one another even though they are complete pieces in their own right. They have their own format and characteristics and, just like chapters in a book, they tell a musical story. The challenge was to finds ways of creating a variety of paintings that would suggest these different moods, different structures and contrasting subjects to give my artistic symphony enough content to create a whole composition.

To echo moods that are found in a musical symphony, I decided to create a variety of landscape paintings, ranging from the bright and cheerful to the quiet lyrical pictures from ‘Nature Joins the Dance’ to the ‘Melody of Silence’. Using similar colour palettes to the landscapes, I then added in still life paintings to add other subject choice and later, some simple cheerful little abstract pieces in order to offer enough variety in style for the making of ‘A Scottish Symphony’.

From the early days, at the heart of this project has been the desire to involve all those who see or follow this exhibition to view it in a personal way. I thought how nice it would be to encourage everyone to actually participate by being able to imagine their own symphony by choosing any four pictures that they would ideally put together and which would become ‘their’ symphony, even possibly thinking about the title they would choose to give it.

The choices could be based on the classical musical symphony structure (an introductory statement, a quiet slow movement, a dance-like movement and a finale) or they could simply choose their four favourite paintings from the exhibition. Alternatively their choices could be guided by the various mood, subject or colour relationships. It would be an entirely individual selection.

Putting this idea into practice, those visiting the gallery will find a form they can fill in listing their four choices. Every painting has a number so no lengthy titles will have to be recorded. A post box has been created to be placed in the gallery to drop it into. For those who wish to take part online they can contact the gallery with their choices.

We shall be delighted if viewers take part in this, and I shall be particularly interested to see if any two people select the same pieces! How many symphonies will we create from this one exhibition?

There is something special about sharing the love of melody, harmony and rhythm in the world around us, through our enjoyment of colours, patterns and marks, which can stir our emotions and inspire our imaginations.'

Maggie Robinson SWA MAFA

'Music is art to the ear, and art is music to the eye’ ~ Tanya Frid

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