8 August - 30 August 2021

'Many artists work in isolation and an exhibition is a moment in time when their private world is revealed. The title of this exhibition is partly an invitation to share in that world but also an acknowledgement of aspects of our lives which we have come to value so much over the past year – the simple pleasure of walking in nature and the importance of empathy and human contact.

This collection is a broad mixture of subject matter, from expressive seascapes and landscapes to contemplative domestic portraits . All have a similar attention to texture and use of paint with many starting from a collage base on which the image is developed with areas of gold underpainting left exposed to create depth. Rollers, palette knives and large or fine brushes are used to apply fluid layers of oil paint which are sometimes washed over when dry to create more vibrancy.

A group of paintings in the exhibition have been inspired by images of people living near the Arctic circle, a theme I have developed over the past few years. I was drawn to the idea of a culture living so much on the edge of existence and the potential this subject matter offered in terms of tone, texture and atmosphere with white as the dominant colour. The feel of these paintings has also influenced the mood of larger figure paintings such as ‘Walk with me’ and ‘Beneath the trees’ which use a limited palette of titanium white, raw sienna and pale burnt umber to create the quiet stillness of recent snowfall.

The collection of landscapes and seascapes are an emotive response to the countryside around me and include themes I love to paint – trees, fields, waves, all of which have become even more special in times of global turmoil. Similarly the paintings of west coast shorelines and figures close to the sea reflect a longing in all of us for wide open beaches and the thrill or comfort of being beside the water.'

Helen Tabor
July 2021

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