Carol Dewart PAI RSW - Landlines

12 May - 10 June 2019

We are delighted to be hosting our fourth solo exhibition by Carol Dewart PAI RSW

This time, Carol is exploring the endlessly changing Scottish landscape. The intricate patterning in this collection of landscape paintings reflects the strong influence of Aboriginal Art and its use of distinctive mark making. But unlike the earthy and hot tones of Australia, Carol wants to explore the converse and diverse colourscape of her beloved Scotland.

Landlines previews on Sunday 12 May, 2-5pm

Please join us for a glass of wine and chocolate treats

The artist will be present


Born - Scotland 1957
Educated - Dumbarton Academy
BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting, Glasgow School of Art, 1981
Winner of Emmy Sachs award / received a John and Mabel Craig Award
Postgraduate year, Drawing and Painting, Glasgow School of Art, 1982
Awarded Travelling Scholarship

During her time at Glasgow School of Art, she also studied Embroidery and Weaving for one year under the guidance of Chrissie White and Hannah Frew Patterson.

In 1998 she was commissioned to create a wall hanging and related paintings for the refurbishment of the Denny Civic Theatre Dumbarton.


Louise Annand Award (Glasgow Society of Woman Artists 2018)
Elected R.S.W (2017)
Armour Award (Royal Glasgow Institute 2016)
Paisley Art Institute Diploma (2015)
GSWA Special Award (2015)
Bessie Scott Award (Paisley Art Institute 2015)
Artist Surfaces Award (Paisley Art Institute 2013)
Jan Bruce Award(Glasgow Society of Women Artists 2013)
Concept Art Award(Paisley Art Institute 2012)

Texture, pattern and light are the key elements in Carol Dewart's paintings. She says: 'By changing any of these factors a painting can be constantly evolving with little variation in the actual subject matter. The introduction of a specific texture or pattern can define the mood of the painting. Add light to the equation and a simple composition can have many different facets.'

Although she trained in drawing/painting , she also spent a year studying embroidery and weaving. By integrating both disciplines her work can develop in many directions.

She particularly likes to work in watercolour and gouache because of the purity of the medium. She says: 'It is direct, lively and very free. These qualities take you on a journey and often the outcome is nowhere near the original starting point.'

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