Rosanne Barr and Judith I Bridgland

2 September - 1 October 2018

Judith I Bridgland

JUDITH I BRIDGLAND is a landscape painter, living and working in Scotland.
Originally from Australia, she came to Scotland at a very young age. She went on to study History of Fine Art and English Literature at Glasgow University. Her career as a painter took off in the 90s and she hasn't looked back, winning several awards along the way.

She says: 'Scottish art is characteristically all about a love of bold, vibrant, joyously expressive colour, which is often released from its purely descriptive role. My work also combines a love of texture, and contrasts between elements such as the abstract and the figurative, organic and geometric, thick and thin paint....Observation and truthfulness is paramount, but combined with expressive brushwork and a joyous use of colour. So the landscape is also an expression of me, a form of self-portrait – an emotional landscape.'

Although her chosen subject matter is landscape, this is quite a broad term – she also love seascapes, as they are wonderfully organic, abstract and textural; and townscapes, especially because of the possibilities for contrasts between the organic and the man-made, such as a river flowing through a city. She enjoy subjects which give the opportunity for a wide range of mark-making, and demand an almost sculptural response in terms of the use of paint and textural dexterity.

For Judith, landscape is not just about the land; it is about the experience of a very particular moment, and the scenes she paints are all very precise, particular places that she has been to. They are records of a particular moment which is now gone, but they also of speak of a cumulative experience, as she often returns to places again and again.

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