1 November - 29 November 2020


Artist's Statement
Observation, contemplation, absorption, translating into paint - I find the process compulsive and it gives me a feeling of fulfilment and identity.
With my roots firmly in the Scottish Borders I feel passionate about its richly coloured landscape of rolling hills, patchwork quilt of fields, sudden dark shapes of woodland, and the River Tweed twisting and turning throughout. With all this, plus the dramatic headland of St Abbs and the wonderful coastline stretching from East Lothian to Northumberland, only a few miles from where I live and a lovely cottage garden to tend, I have a wealth of subject matter on my doorstep.
Walking and cycling through the countryside and working in my garden during these past few difficult months, has been particularly important to me - a fascinating journey, and to share this journey in paint with my daughter is an extra special experience.

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