1 November - 29 November 2020


Artist's Statement
Over the last few months there has been a collective shift of focus towards nature and landscape to be found close to home. As an artist, working in isolation and immersing myself in a particular place come naturally to me so the opportunity to explore the two places I regard as home seemed apposite for this collaborative exhibition with my mother.
I have grown up knowing both Edinburgh and East Lothian. Edinburgh is where I have lived since first arriving as a student at the university in 1992. Although my childhood was spent in the Borders, I have fond memories of long walks and days spent exploring the beaches around Dunbar and North Berwick. East Lothian is also where I got married and where we now go as a family to relax.
In this body of work, I’ve used a variety of media including acrylic, ink, oil pastel and watercolour. I have a love of combining drawing and painting which probably comes from being the daughter of an architect and artist. My parents’ respective influences have definitely had an impact on the development of my work. I’m always drawn to colour and structure.
These last few months I have retraced my steps many times through familiar landscapes finding both challenge and pleasure in articulating the journeys I have taken. I have made lots of discoveries about these places and I hope the paintings tell the story of what I found.

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